Monday, December 12, 2011

Music Monday

Music Monday! Since Christmas is right around the corner and because you probably don't get enough Christmas songs as it is, Music Mondays will be Christmas features from now until the 25th!!! Don't worry thats only two weeks ha.

I love getting Christmas songs from my favorite christian artists because they tend to focus on what it is really all about, the birth of Jesus!! Watch below to here a fun one from Toby Mac. :)

Also check out Phil Wickham's Christmas album that he released last year called "Christmas Songs". Soooooo good.

Breanna Mae

Friday, December 9, 2011

Great Things.

WOOHOOO!!! I am done with my second-to-last semester of my undergraduate career!!! It feels SO amazing to be finished. Now I actually have time to do fun things!!

Anyways, when we were home for Thanksgiving both of our families wanted to get/give us our christmas presents since we wouldn't be home for that. So I wanted to share with you two things that I got in order to help improve my Etsy Shop, Glory Accessories :)

Photoshop Elements 10. YES!

 AND... This pretty little lady.

Canon Powershot SX150 IS :)
They make my heart happy. I have had my eye on some new software and a new camera for quite sometime now and I finally found something that my wallet would agree with :) I found them both online at SUPER good deals on Cyber Monday. YAHOO! I know it is not a dslr camera but it is about as close as you can get with digital and I personally LOVE it, a great starter camera. I walked down to my husband's office (which is where all of our mail comes) after my last final and that little lady was waiting for me in a package. The timing could not have been any better, I wonder who planned that out? ;) Can you tell I am so excited?! I even wanna name her, any good ideas? ha.

Today is Christamas kickoff day in the Veth household. This morning we went out and bought this year's ornament and some cute little stockings to hold us over until we have a bigger space :) SO FUN! I LOVE CHRISTMAS.

Love <3

It jingles!! :)

Later we are going to decorate our tree/house and are planning on making one of those cool popcorn garlands. After that is the church Christmas party!! Everything there is a blast so we are so excited!! I will share lots of pictures from my NEW camera later :)

Have a great weekend everybody!

Breanna Mae

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Finals.. blah

So sorry I have been out of commission for so long. It is full blown finals week for me... blah. Not my favorite time of the year. On the bright side, I just finished my second one, I have all my study guides finished, AND most importantly, once this finals week is over I have only one more of them left for undergraduate career!!! Pretty pumped about that last part :)

Anyways once I am finished on Thursday everything gets focused on Christmas. Because I have literally been studying since the minute I got back from our Thanksgiving trip, I haven't been able to spend time thinking about christmas and even less decorating for it. So come Friday, the Hubs and I are going to go out and get this year's ornament, actually spend some time talking together instead of just being in the same room, and decorate our apartment. I couldn't be more excited!! I LOVE christmas and all that it represents. Plus this year we actually have a real christmas tree to decorate instead of the makeshift one I made last year. Oh and by real I mean a two foot tall fake tree.. its all perception right?! Ha. :)

Here are some gorg christmas trees I found:

Rockefeller Center of course

This one is made out of Mountain Dew cans. How crazy is that?!
My christmas tree colors are bright red, lime green, white, and silver. :) What are yours?!

Happy Tuesday,

Breanna Mae

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Back Again!

And we are back!! We flew back from Minnesota last night after a much needed Thanksgiving break trip. We had so much fun enjoying our family and seeing good friends. We both agreed on the way home that it was a trip full of blessing and restoration. I couldn't have asked for any better!! Now it is back to real life and finals... ugh. But I will be finished with the semester a week from Thursday! So very exciting. Then after that it becomes everything Christmas! Cant complain :)

Also, I wanted to remind all of you of the Cyber Monday Sale that is going on RIGHT NOW at my Etsy Shop. Just use the coupon code CYMON15 at checkout. It ends tomorrow at midnight so hurry in before its too late! :)

I hope everyone had a great break! Blessing on your upcoming week :)

Breanna Mae

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Hey everyone!! I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving! It has been so amazing being home with family. It has been filled with lots of love, lots of food, and LOTS of shopping. I have to say that I have loved every minute of it :)

Who got some black Friday deals?? Well there is still a chance for you to get a FREE accessory from my Etsy Shop. Head on over to see Amanda and The Shepards Life is hosting a Black Friday Giveaway for Glory Accessories until Sunday. Head on over to enter for your chance to win! I personally love Cyber Monday the best because you get to stay home in your pjs to grab all those good deals. Come on by my shop for 15% off ALL day on Monday :)

Im going to get back to enjoying this great Holiday. Love you all!

Breanna Mae

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


So its 80 degrees out today. Is that weird? Very much so... Even though the hubby and I have been here for over a year now I still can quite get used to this weather. I see people all over campus wearing shorts and I think, "Why in the world are they wearing shorts?!" and then I have to remind myself, oh yeah, its because its stinking hot out!! I am not by any means complaining however! I don't mind trading my winter boots for sandals in November :)

Music Monday!! This was actually supposed to happen yesterday but I was having troubles with my blog and life is too crazy right now to spend time tinkering with it so I figured I would just wait it out. And yay its now working correctly again! This song is sung by Christ for the Nations. I love how it depicts The Lord's majesty and his awesomeness.

On another note, My Shop will be doing something special for Black Friday and Cyber Monday!! I will be making announcements on here and my facebook page if you want to check them out :)

If I dont see you again before Thursday.. Have an amazing Thanksgiving folks!!!

Breanna Mae

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Small Feat... Great Day

This was my feat of the day. Building a new train track with Jack and Sam. I am pretty sure they were satisfied with it because when it was all done Sam, in his sweet 3-year-old voice, said, "Miss Bre this is a good track." Ha. Oh kids, they always know just what to say ;)

 We helped out watching our friends' kids because they just had a new baby not two weeks ago. So we took on the entertaining duty for the day to help out tired parents :)

Maggie, their now second youngest (4 total), hasn't quite figured out how to "smile nice" yet lol. So more than likely when you pull out a camera in front of her this is what you get. I personally think its just the cutest thing ever..

This is Maggie with her new baby sister Emma.

This is Maggie trying to make her face smile nice.
Its the simple things folks. :)

Breanna Mae

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Getting Excited.

So I am really starting to get excited for Thanksgiving. The Hubs and I get to go home to Minnesota! YIPPEE!! I cant wait for some quality family and friends time. It is always such a nice refresher.

I am also excited for this lovely little recipe I found at one of my favorite websites Skinny Taste. It is a recipe for Mashed Sweet Potatoes Brulee, mmmmmmmm. Here is where to find it :)

It will be a new venture for me but my hubby is such a fan of sweet potatoes that they have actually started to grow on me therefore I love finding good recipes for them. And how can you look at that picture and not start drooling? Not that I am drooling... Anyways I just can't wait for all the yummy food that comes along with the great holiday of Thanksgiving. What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving recipes?

Breanna Mae

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ah, Pillows.

Finding decorative pillows for our bed is a bit of struggle. It is not because I am not frequently finding pillows  that I love, trust me I got that covered. And it is definitely not because I don't want them. It is because of exhibit A, my husband.

Exhibit A
 The Hubs is a firm believer in the fact that decorative pillows should comfortable. I often show him a pillow that I like and get responses like, "that stuff on the pillow would be itchy" (referring to the gorgeous design of course), or "what if rolled over onto that pillow? It would scratch me", or even "that would not be a good pillow to sleep on". I have tried many a times to convince him they are DECORATIVE pillows, not for other use, like laying or sleeping on. But when I tell him this, this is the usual conversation that goes down.

The Hubs: Then what is the point of having them if you can't use them?
Me: To make the bed look nice and pretty.
The Hubs: It looks nice without them. I don't see the point of pillows you can't sleep on.
Me: Well you don't want to use them anyways because then they get flat and dirty.
The Hubs: Well we can just throw them in the wash if they get dirty. (Meaning the ENTIRE pillow, not just the cover)
Me: Ugh..

So there ya have it. I haven't gotten it through to him on that level yet therefore I am only able to get pillows that have no embroidery or beading or anything of the sort. *SIGH*. At least it gives me guidelines right?! Anywho I often keep my eyes peeled for pillows that would work and when I saw a tutorial for Mr. and Mrs. pillows I knew I had found a gem. I even got positive remarks from The Hubs!!! I started the search for the materials I needed right away and it wasn't too long before these fellas came along.

Aren't they just lovely?! I used a warm tan linen with really subtle horizontal white strips. I needed some more pattern in the room so I knew this would do the trick. They are "comfortable" and they have a envelope enclosure backing so they are also washable, solving both of my problems requirements!! These pillows are miracle workers I tell you.

Have a great Wednesday :)
Breanna Mae

Monday, November 7, 2011

Music Monday :)

Music Monday folks! Get excited :) This week its all about Rick Pino. I don't know a whole lot about him except for the fact that he is a SUPER annointed worship singer that lives on fire for our God Almighty. He has got it together people! Anyways to give you more of a jist of what he is all about, this is his "about" from his website.

"Rick Pino is the founder of Fire Rain Ministries, a “voice crying out” ministry who for the past 7 years has been calling people to lives of radical love, radical holiness, and radical devotion to Jesus. Rick also co-founded Fire on the Altar regional worship events, which are 50-hour gatherings of non-stop worship in the heart of the tabernacle of David. During these gatherings there is only one agenda: to bring the Lord an offering of unbroken love."

Cool huh? His song "Burn For You" that comes from the album The Narrow Road is the song I am featuring this week. Lately I have been really struggling with how to keep my relationship with My Savior on fire ALL the time, every day of the week, instead of just here and there whenever I feel like it or when I am encouraged to do so. I am just overwhelmed by the love his has showed and given us and want to figure out a way to return that to him and praise Him for all He is. This song brings that desire to the forefront of my song. I WANT TO BURN FOR YOU FATHER! 

I just love to soak up the meaning of these words and it is an encouragement to me to just keep following closely after him.

Have a great Monday friends!

Breanna Mae

Friday, November 4, 2011


Check out the giveaway at my newest blog friend's blog! Everything Girly & Beyond

No girl can have too much makeup!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! :)

Breanna Mae

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Its Fall!

Its finally cold here!! Sort of.. We are fluctuating between 30s all the way to 80s. WEIRD. But I will take it. :) When I lived in Minnesota, I used to hate when it would start getting cooler because it felt like it had just gotten warm!! But now that I live in a state that it is very warm for a very long time, I welcome this cooler weather with open arms. :)

Seeing all the fall decorations being displayed out there in the blog world made me realize that I have the perfect spot in my house for a wreath! This caused me to have my first ever venture onto Pinterest. I know I know I am way out of it, but at least I made it right!? Here are my fun finds.


What are you loving this fall?

Breanna Mae

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Homemade Applesauce

It is really starting to feel like Fall around here! Granted it is still 80 during the day and I just got burnt at The Hubs' soccer game, but STILL it is in the 50s and 60s in the early morning and nighttime so that helps my case :) AND I actually saw a tree today that is changing colors WOOHOOO!! one of my favorite fall things.

Fall to me equals yummy soups, cinnamon scents, and apples! Those have all very prevalent in our house in the last month. The apple part all started with The Hubs bringing home a HUGE box of Red Delicious apples after his last road trip. Seriously guys, when I say huge, I really mean ginormous. I wish I would have taken a picture so you guys can understand how I had no idea what to do with them. You see, I really really dislike red delicious apples, even though I love most apples, that love does not spread to red delicious. So there they sat, for a good couple of days, a box of 15 large red delicious apples without a home. Then I had a grand idea to make applesauce! I had never made it before but figured it wouldn't be that difficult so I looked up a recipe and there I went. I ended up loving it and better yet it made the whole house smell delicious! Either which way, I had trouble finding a recipe that really seemed good. None of the really seemed liked they gave full accurate, direction. So I kind of made up my own so I can share it with you guys!

Bre's Applesauce

4 apples
3/4 c. water
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. nutmeg
Dash of sugar (optional)

1. Peel and core the apples.
2. Dice the apples and put into a stock pot.

3. Add water, cinnamon, and nutmeg and bring to a boil. When I added the water it did not seem like nearly enough but I actually ended up spooning out some of the excess water right before they got too mushy.

4. Cover and turn down to a low heat. Cook for 45 min to 1 hour stirring regularly.
5. Once apples start to break up take a whisk and stir/break up apples to your desired consistency.

I know it looks nasty in this pic but I promise you, its not.
And there ya have it! Homemade applesauce :) Guys, it is sooooo delicious and is actually really yummy warm. No one believes me when I say that it is like a dessert but I back that comment 100% :)

Hope you all enjoy this recipe!

Breanna Mae

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oh, Music :)

Phil Wickham came out with a new CD on October 4th!!! YAHOO!! Can you tell I like his music just a tad? I just love how Phil Wickham's passion and desire for God is so evident in his music. Its so amaing to worship with! My kinda thing :)

This song in particular caught my ears ;) "Heaven Fall Down" and it's on his new album called Response. Its just singing about being wrapped up in the Lord's presence and being caught up in Him. Ahhhhhh, love ;)

Have you experienced his presence? I highly recommend it if you haven't. "Just cry out in desperation for Him".
Open our eyes
Lord, let us see
All that you are
All that you mean

Open our eyes 
Lord, let us hear
All that you are
Be loud in clear


Breanna Mae

Monday, October 10, 2011

Music Monday :)

Ok so a few days ago I was having one of those days.. You know, the ones where you are in a rut and just can't seem to get out? Anyways the weights of the world were starting to get to me, which I don't approve of!!! So I was doing my best to get rid of those nasty feelings that do not have a place in my life and this lovely song came on.

It really spoke to me in that moment.

Take Heart 
let His love lead us through the night

Hold on to Hope 
and take courage again

All our troubles
All our fears
God our Hope

There is nothing he cannot do. We have the mightiest God right by our side. We have the King of all Kings fighting for us. He has already overcome anything that can come against us. So no need to worry, no need to fret, just have peace in the Lord, our Savior. 

There is nothing more comforting to me than that. I love him and his faithfulness to his children!!!

Take Heart,
Breanna Mae

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Newness Happiness :)

So I have exciting news! Today I officially created a Facebook Page for my Etsy Shop! It feels so official and WEIRD.. But I am loving it :)

Also.... I added a new lovely to the mix today!!

Its so fun and spunky! I love it :)

Don't forget to head on over to Life as a Wife and partake in the giveaway she is doing for Glory Accessories!

It's Friday Folks!

Breanna Mae

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Hey friends, just stopping by to let you know that on of my dear friends Ria is doing a giveaway for my very own Etsy shop over at her blog, Life As A Wife! Make sure to check it out and win yourself a pretty little hair flower by telling her your favorite item from the Glory Accessories! :)

My current favorite?

This little number :) And yes even the owner of the shop can have her favorites even though it changes pretty much every week... ;-o

Have an awesome day!!

Breanna Mae

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Birthday Recapppppp :)

So last Friday was my 23rd and golden birthday WOOOOHOOOO!! :) It was quite a blast!! I actually spent my birthday being on a retreat with my church's youth group. It was so great. Because of this, The Hubs and I celebrated my b-day on Thursday.

I woke up in the morning to a living room fully decorated with balloon covered walls and a golden inspired table set-up. The Hubs made my favorite breakfast item, panakeukken (a dutch pancake??). All I know is my family has made them forever and they are the best!! Topped off with some Simply Orange orange mango juice, another fav. So fun and yummy. I had school and work the rest of the day so we decided to go out to dinner to celebrate. Thanks to Living Social we got to go to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for an amazing candlelite dinner, just us two :) The Hubs even bought me a birthday dress to wear! We had a steak and lobster dinner that was soooo declicious. Thanks to my expensive taste, lobster is one of my new favorite things. YUMMMM. After we had some friends over and played games. It was such a great day!!

The back has a zipper down the middle! I love zippers... :)

We were all in the same room!! That never happens.. it was definitely picture worthy.

Early Friday morning (my day of birth! :-o) The Hubs brought me to church to drop me off retreat. As we pulled up the whole youth group swarmed our car screaming and yelling birthday wishes. It was a bit over stimulating, but super cute all the same. It was really sweet of them. We drove all 5 hours up north to a little country town called Hamilton, Alabama. The place we went to was called Ramp. It is hard to explain what exactly the Ramp is but from what I know they hold conferences and special services on a regular basis but they also have regular services for regular attenders. They also have a website where they post all their services and they have podcasts and all the fun stuff too. Check out their website! The conference was sooo incredible and life changing for tons of people. It was such an awesome experience. Not only was my life changed forever but it was so cool to see the change happening in all the young people there. I LOVED IT! Definitely want to go back with the Hubs someday.

Sunday we went to church and had a great time as usual. Had a delicious Sunday lunch with a few of our favorite people and then came home and napped. Perfect :)

THEN on Monday night my Hubs comes out of the kitchen with this beauty.

I guess he hadn't had the chance to sing me Happy Birthday with candles yet so he was waiting and waiting for an opportunity to come up and that happened to be Monday night! Ha. Brownies and ice cream happen to be one of my favorite things so it was just so perfect and sweet. :)

Overall I had an unforgettable birthday full of sweet family and friends and amazing God time. I couldn't have asked for anything better :)

Much Love,
Breanna Mae

Monday, September 26, 2011


The second song in the Freedom - Music Monday series.

This song fits perfectly with a topic that has been prevalent at church lately. FREEDOM IS OURS in Jesus Christ. He wants to carry all our our worries, all of our burdens, ALL of our cares. He wants to fight all of our battles. We no longer have to "fight on our own" when we give ourselves to him.

2 Chronicles 32: 7 & 8 -
"7 Be strong and courageous. Be not afraid or dismayed before the king of Assyria and all the horde that is with him, for there is Another with us greater than [all those] with him.
8 With him is an arm of flesh, but with us is the Lord our God to help us and to fight our battles."

We can look at Assyria as the world. There is nothing that the Lord can't fight against for us. NOTHING. Just embrace the peace that He gives us through this freedom. 

"I lay my troubles down, I am ready for you now"
Breanna Mae

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oh la la.

Just stopping by to tell you that I added a new lovely item to my shop today.

Oh la la :)

I love this one so much that I HAD to add to my own collection. Oh the options I can wear it with :)

On another note. I am currently in Georgia with The Hubs' soccer team! They are playing in Gainsville tonight and then the Men's Soccer team plays in Marietta tomorrow. It is a full blown soccer weekend for me! :)

Much love,
Breanna Mae

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bedroom Prettiness

So I was surfing Etsy (which I realized is easily never-ending) and I came across these AMAZING pillows.

Photo Credits
Aren't they to die for!? Gosh.. I love them. I think they would be just perfect on my bed. And best of all? The Hubs agrees :). I am determined to make my own version on these lovlies. I am thinking more of a linen with less curly letters. It will be my bedroom prettiness :)

Breanna Mae

Monday, September 12, 2011

You are Free

Starting today I am going to do a series of Music Mondays focused on freedom. The freedom that our Almighty gives us. It has been a very present topic in my life lately and I want to spread to joy that it brings, or should I say...freedom!!

So I just want to remind you today that with him, you are free!!! Plain and simple.

"All that I need, YOU ARE...
Jesus, because of you I'M FREE"

Breanna Mae

Friday, September 9, 2011

Who Loves Birthdays?

Me me!! I do! I do! Well as you know, it was my hubby's birthday a week ago today and today I am finally getting around to writing the recap post! (Yes, one week later :/ ) Anywho! We had a great time :) I say we like it was my birthday... oops.. I am telling you, I love them that much! No but really I just love when The Hubs is happy and he was so loving his birthday :) He has been so busy with work and school and he just seized the day and RELAXED, ha it was great.

We actually thought he was going to be out of town on his actual birthday so we celebrated a few weeks ago with breakfast in bed, a lunch out, swimming, and the movies, you know, the whole sha-bang. However, during that birthday celebration we got a call that he would no longer be gone on his birthday!! Yippee!! So my lucky husband actually got two birthday celebrations. On his real birthday, he got breakfast-in-bed, our tradition!! We had Peach French Toast, a family recipe, its really the best!! It sounds weird but everyone that eats it just about dies from the deliciousness. :)
mmm mmm good!

Later we went out to lunch at our favorite Mexican lunch and then went to Sports Academy so see if we could discover and fun finds to buy with his birthday money. He came out with these bad boys :) I love that he wanted workout equipment for his birthday!! Ha oh man.

We topped off the night with a light dinner and Peach Raspberry Torte, YUM. (I will be doing a how-to post on the later.) It was a peach filled day, which is quite alright because The Hubs LOVES fruit. We watched Battle:Los Angeles and overall had a really great day together.

soooo goooood
Then..... on Sunday we had a really small and laid back surprise birthday party at Chill, our fav frozen yogurt place. :) He was very surprised!! It was hilarious to see his reaction. So great :) I think The Hubs had a really fun time. Who wouldn't? Great friends, great ice cream er.... frozen yogurt. All in all it was a great birthday celebration(s)!!! Here is my handsome man during the party.

On another high note, its Friday!! Which I am very excited about! Tonight we are going to go see Contagion. It looks sooooo good :) Tomorrow The Hubs and I get to spend the ENTIRE day together, :D and then Sunday we have our church's anniversary celebration. Should be some fun times!!

Blessings :)
Breanna Mae

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Only One

Music Monday and Happy Labor Day!!!

This one is from a new band I found, The Museum. The song is called "The Only One". Its is love song to the Almighty One. :)

Down here in Mobile we are on day 3 of facing Tropical Storm Lee. There have been some tornado watches/warnings but mostly just A LOT or rains. Like "whoa I can't see outside" kind of rain. The Hubs and I are doing great but just keep the people of the gulf coast in your prayers because there is a lot of flooding going on. I myself am just ready to be able to venture out of my apartment!! :)

Despite the weather, I am determined to have a great day off with the Hubs. I hope you all enjoy this day!!

Breanna Mae

Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Big Thank You

I just wanted to give a huge thank you to all of you that have been checking out my Etsy Shop!! It really means a lot to me and I am SO appreciative. In addition, to make it easier to find my shop, I have added a widget to your right ----> :). Again, thanks for being so supportive! I love you guys :)

Have a great weekend!!!
Breanna Mae

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Today is the birthday of the most handsome-est man I know... MY HUBBY!!! (and yes I don't care that handsome-est in not a real word :)) He is turning the big 2-4 today. WOOOOO!!!! And since I LOVE celebrating the ones I love we will be spending most of the day doing fun things together. Just the way we like it :) Starting out by going to our favorite Mexican place for lunch. YUM.

The Birthday Boy
In celebration of my Hubs turning 24, here are 24 things that I love about him.

1. His tender Heart
2. His goofy side
3. His impressions
4. His loyalty to his friends and family.
5. The way he loves me
6. His cute-as-a-button smile.
7. His singing voice <3
8. The way he always makes everyone laugh
9. His work ethic
10. His hugs and kisses
11. His giving heart
12. How good he is at dishes :)
13. His Bahamian bungee (yes.. thats his heiney!!)
14. The way he can always make me feel better
15. His love for my cooking
16. His unselfishness
17. How easy going he is
18. How he hates to miss church services
19. How he puts up with my crazy ideas
20. How he brings me back to reality
21. How he makes sure I know he loves me
22. His sensitivity
23. All around, who he is
24. Above all, his relentless passion for Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

 I am so excited to be spending to whole day celebrating him because he is SOO worth it! I love him :)

Breanna Mae

Monday, August 29, 2011


Well for me at least. Yesterday was a marked day. I FINALLY OPENED MY ETSY SHOP!!!!!! Can you tell I am excited??? I have been working on accomplishing this dream for almost a year now and I am so ecstatic to finally be here! My goal is to eventually have a shop that features all sorts of accessories from rings to pillows to jewelry holders, but for right now it is just hair pieces and magnets. It is called the Glory Accessories Shop. Go on, check it out at :)

This is me featuring one of my lovely hair flowers :) YAY

I have so much fun coming up with new ideas and trying to create pieces that their future buyers will adore. It is definitely a labor of love. Anyways I just wanted to share this exciting announcement with you guys because we are friends and I like to tell friends exciting things :).

Much Love,
Breanna Mae

Friday, August 26, 2011


Hellooooo change!! Did you notice the new name?? Kinda hard to miss... I have been wanted to change my blog name for a while now because The Hubs and I have been married for over a year now and my old name just didn't seem to fit any longer. But with a new name comes a new header and well, those take me a long time.. So I am finally introducing to you "Everyday Alabama". I chose this name because I am an everyday gal writing about everyday occurrences!! What do you think of the change?? I am loving it. In the next few days I will have yet ANOTHER announcement. I know, I know, change is tough for all of us.. I will wait a couple of days to give you a breather :) Have a great weekend folks!!

Breanna Mae :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Quick Update.

Just wanted to stop by and let all of those that missed out on Love Week in July know that I have published an "Our Story" page that has both parts to The Hubs and I's love story. Feel free to dive into the mushy gushy details and read all about how we came to be :)

Much Love,

Breanna Mae

Monday, August 22, 2011

Music Monday :)

Happy Music Monday folks!!

A while ago I had Music Monday featuring The City Harmonic and their song "Manifesto". It a really creatively put together and is still great!! Anywho, I just recently got some of the other songs from the same CD and I LOVE IT. They really have such a unique alternative style but they still stay true to having songs that shine their passion for the Savior, which is not a common combo these days. The song that I have been loving most is "Coming My Way". I hope you love it too!!!

On another note, today is my first day of school... yay.. I am super ecstatic about it can't you tell?! No but really I am actually ready to start because this will be my last year before I graduate!!! YAHOOO!!

On top of that I am hoping to have some fun announcements later this week so stay tuned! (No I am not pregnant.. I know some of you thought it! :))

Have a great Monday everybody :)

Breanna Mae

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Mini Closet Makeover

Our apartment is not so big and therefore we utilize all the space aka. pack it in :). Our closet is actually a pretty decent size but we have a lot of stuff jammed in it and there just happens to be no door. I really don't mind the no door thing but it created a bit of a problem because even though its organized it is still a visual overload, something I don't really get along with. So I decided to give my closet a little bit of an uplift.

This is what our closet looked like before. Packed much?
 The whole project only cost me under $15 (woop woop!) and was overall really easy. All the supplies I needed are picture below plus your choice of curtains.

I started by refinishing the bare wood closet pole and making it a pretty, basic white. Then I measured and drilled and attached my closet pole sockets. Next, I put my new curtains onto my nifty new closet pole and put it into place and voila!! There you have it.

I love how it turned out and it totally transformed the overall feeling in the room. It feels so much more relaxing now which I think is the best! The curtains I got are from Ikea for $2 for a pack of two. Now I call that a deal!! They come in an extra long length so you can just trim them to your desired length once you put them into place. 

On another note, its Friday!! I hope you all have a great day and enjoy your weekend. This weekend we are celebrating the Hubs' birthday because he will be back in the Bahamas on his special day. I am excited to celebrate him and make him feel as special as he is to me :)

Much love,
Breanna Mae

Monday, August 15, 2011

Unrelenting Love

Welcome to Music Monday!!!

I am gonna be short and sweet today :). My pick is one by Jesus Culture, a band I just recently discovered my love for. The song is called "Your Love Never Fails" which speaks for itself.

Reminding you today that his love never fails!! Even when things seem to be rough and you don't know how He could use it for His good, nevertheless, He is right there by our side, doing things we could have never imagined.

Psalms 59:9-10 (Amplified)
"O my Strength, I will watch and give heed to You and sing praises; for God is my Defense (my Protector and High Tower).

May God in His mercy and steadfast love will meet me: God will let me look [triumphantly] on my enemies."

Breanna Mae

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Camera Giveaway? Yes Please!

There is a great giveaway going on at The Farmer's Wife Tells All AND its for a great cause. Head on over there and check it out!!

ps. It's almost the weekend!!! :)

Breanna Mae

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Love My Hubs :)

This week preseason started for The Hubs. Before he started coaching, we had both been through many preseasons as players. And I thought that was bad!! What I am getting at is he has been VERY busy, like gone all day till 9 busy. But yesterday he took some time out of his day to bring me home these lovelies...

... and reminded me of why I love him SO much!!! All my work for my online class was due yesterday so I had a long, brain crunching day and these flowers lightened it up :) Unfortunately, this is one of two vases that I have in the house and it is obviously the perfect size? Ha, anyways it will just have to do and I don't mind because the roses are just so beautiful!!

Have a great Wednesday friends :)
Breanna Mae

Monday, August 1, 2011


Hey friends!!!! I feel like I haven't been around for an eternity!! Life has been craaazzzzay around here for the last few weeks. Between traveling, spending time with friends and family, or running errands, our life has been pretty full so I decided it was probably the right time to take a break from blogging. But don't worry, I am back now!! :)

Two weeks ago Tuesday we arrived back to Minnesota. I had already spent quite a bit of time there but will never pass up a chance for more, but I think it was really nice for the Hubs to be able to spend some time there. We saw sooo many friends and family and each day was jam-packed with activities.

Now that we are back in Mobile it doesn't seem as if it has changed much as far as the being busy goes but it is SUPER nice to be back at our place. There is nothing like sleeping in your own bad and having your own dresser!! Ha. Plus it has been nice to see our friends :)

Also, since I know you all have been dying without Music Monday.... ;) I have a feature for you!! Another oldie but goodie. This has been my song lately. "Set the World on Fire" by Britt Nicole. A lot of our time in the Bahamas was spent growing in our relationship with our Savior which was AWESOME and I would be happy to tell you more about... The Hubs and I have really grown and our reaching new levels in our walk and its crazy cool and this song is on my soundtrack of that time. We have a new fire burning in our hearts and this song voices that so well. So just check it out here and bear with me on the cheesy video :).

This song just really gets me going because "Lord with you there is nothing I can't do". Isn't that amazing folks?? He really allows us to do the impossible if we are willing to follow him.

"You are strong enough to take my dreams, come and give them wings. Lord with you there is nothing that I cannot do."

I LOVE the fact that I have someone carefully guiding my path through this life of mine. :)

Have a great start to your week guys!!

Breanna Mae

Thursday, July 14, 2011

We are Back!

We are back in Minnesooooota again!! The Hubs and I got in on Tuesday night and it feels SO WEIRD to be here. When you are somewhere for five weeks it starts to feel permanent. Its been a little rough adjusting. However, it does feel nice to be able to cool off a little! The Hubs and I went for a run yesterday and I was like, "What is this cool breeze?!" I had seriously forgotten what it felt like for the wind to not be hot and sticky along with everything else ha. But as much as we love the Bahamas it is nice to be back into our normal life and such. :)

The last week in The Bahamas was super busy because The Hubs' parents were there and my parents flew in on Thursday so they could watch The Hubs' game. Oh, and being the Bahamas was a nice bonus for them... ;) We did lots of things including going to The Hubs' big time FIFA game last Saturday!! It was SOOOOO fun. I love watching my hubby play but there were probably around 1500 people there and they were all loving it so it makes me love it even more!! The team ended up winning 6-0, WOOOOHOOOO!! They played really well. So now they go on to the next round which will be group play where they will play four other teams and the winner advances. That will not be until next fall however. Until then......

Me and the rents with our cool jerseys ;)

The Hubs warming up

Opening Ceremonies

Mr. Captain doing his captain duties (aka. my hubby :))

Time for action!


Bahamas' #1 fan: Dollarrrrr!!!

Tomorrow the Hubs and I are heading up to his parents cabin so I will be out of commission for a little while. I hope you all have a fantabulous weekend!! Enjoy yourselves :)

Breanna Mae