Thursday, July 14, 2011

We are Back!

We are back in Minnesooooota again!! The Hubs and I got in on Tuesday night and it feels SO WEIRD to be here. When you are somewhere for five weeks it starts to feel permanent. Its been a little rough adjusting. However, it does feel nice to be able to cool off a little! The Hubs and I went for a run yesterday and I was like, "What is this cool breeze?!" I had seriously forgotten what it felt like for the wind to not be hot and sticky along with everything else ha. But as much as we love the Bahamas it is nice to be back into our normal life and such. :)

The last week in The Bahamas was super busy because The Hubs' parents were there and my parents flew in on Thursday so they could watch The Hubs' game. Oh, and being the Bahamas was a nice bonus for them... ;) We did lots of things including going to The Hubs' big time FIFA game last Saturday!! It was SOOOOO fun. I love watching my hubby play but there were probably around 1500 people there and they were all loving it so it makes me love it even more!! The team ended up winning 6-0, WOOOOHOOOO!! They played really well. So now they go on to the next round which will be group play where they will play four other teams and the winner advances. That will not be until next fall however. Until then......

Me and the rents with our cool jerseys ;)

The Hubs warming up

Opening Ceremonies

Mr. Captain doing his captain duties (aka. my hubby :))

Time for action!


Bahamas' #1 fan: Dollarrrrr!!!

Tomorrow the Hubs and I are heading up to his parents cabin so I will be out of commission for a little while. I hope you all have a fantabulous weekend!! Enjoy yourselves :)

Breanna Mae

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