Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Birthday Recapppppp :)

So last Friday was my 23rd and golden birthday WOOOOHOOOO!! :) It was quite a blast!! I actually spent my birthday being on a retreat with my church's youth group. It was so great. Because of this, The Hubs and I celebrated my b-day on Thursday.

I woke up in the morning to a living room fully decorated with balloon covered walls and a golden inspired table set-up. The Hubs made my favorite breakfast item, panakeukken (a dutch pancake??). All I know is my family has made them forever and they are the best!! Topped off with some Simply Orange orange mango juice, another fav. So fun and yummy. I had school and work the rest of the day so we decided to go out to dinner to celebrate. Thanks to Living Social we got to go to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse for an amazing candlelite dinner, just us two :) The Hubs even bought me a birthday dress to wear! We had a steak and lobster dinner that was soooo declicious. Thanks to my expensive taste, lobster is one of my new favorite things. YUMMMM. After we had some friends over and played games. It was such a great day!!

The back has a zipper down the middle! I love zippers... :)

We were all in the same room!! That never happens.. it was definitely picture worthy.

Early Friday morning (my day of birth! :-o) The Hubs brought me to church to drop me off retreat. As we pulled up the whole youth group swarmed our car screaming and yelling birthday wishes. It was a bit over stimulating, but super cute all the same. It was really sweet of them. We drove all 5 hours up north to a little country town called Hamilton, Alabama. The place we went to was called Ramp. It is hard to explain what exactly the Ramp is but from what I know they hold conferences and special services on a regular basis but they also have regular services for regular attenders. They also have a website where they post all their services and they have podcasts and all the fun stuff too. Check out their website! The conference was sooo incredible and life changing for tons of people. It was such an awesome experience. Not only was my life changed forever but it was so cool to see the change happening in all the young people there. I LOVED IT! Definitely want to go back with the Hubs someday.

Sunday we went to church and had a great time as usual. Had a delicious Sunday lunch with a few of our favorite people and then came home and napped. Perfect :)

THEN on Monday night my Hubs comes out of the kitchen with this beauty.

I guess he hadn't had the chance to sing me Happy Birthday with candles yet so he was waiting and waiting for an opportunity to come up and that happened to be Monday night! Ha. Brownies and ice cream happen to be one of my favorite things so it was just so perfect and sweet. :)

Overall I had an unforgettable birthday full of sweet family and friends and amazing God time. I couldn't have asked for anything better :)

Much Love,
Breanna Mae


  1. How funnn Bre! :) Looks like a great, memorable birthday. Way to go Dana!! Love the dress too, you are so cute! Miss you guys!!


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