Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Finals.. blah

So sorry I have been out of commission for so long. It is full blown finals week for me... blah. Not my favorite time of the year. On the bright side, I just finished my second one, I have all my study guides finished, AND most importantly, once this finals week is over I have only one more of them left for undergraduate career!!! Pretty pumped about that last part :)

Anyways once I am finished on Thursday everything gets focused on Christmas. Because I have literally been studying since the minute I got back from our Thanksgiving trip, I haven't been able to spend time thinking about christmas and even less decorating for it. So come Friday, the Hubs and I are going to go out and get this year's ornament, actually spend some time talking together instead of just being in the same room, and decorate our apartment. I couldn't be more excited!! I LOVE christmas and all that it represents. Plus this year we actually have a real christmas tree to decorate instead of the makeshift one I made last year. Oh and by real I mean a two foot tall fake tree.. its all perception right?! Ha. :)

Here are some gorg christmas trees I found:

Rockefeller Center of course

This one is made out of Mountain Dew cans. How crazy is that?!
My christmas tree colors are bright red, lime green, white, and silver. :) What are yours?!

Happy Tuesday,

Breanna Mae


  1. Good luck on all your finals, you are almost done!! Those trees are beautiful, can't wait to see how yours turns out! My colors are red, silver, and white this year!

  2. GOOD LUCK WITH FINALS!!!! :) I love that picture of the tree with the BEAUTIFUL WINDOW IN THE BACK! OOOH! I love windows!!!! And with a wreath like that?! GORGEOUS!


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