Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I Love My Hubs :)

This week preseason started for The Hubs. Before he started coaching, we had both been through many preseasons as players. And I thought that was bad!! What I am getting at is he has been VERY busy, like gone all day till 9 busy. But yesterday he took some time out of his day to bring me home these lovelies...

... and reminded me of why I love him SO much!!! All my work for my online class was due yesterday so I had a long, brain crunching day and these flowers lightened it up :) Unfortunately, this is one of two vases that I have in the house and it is obviously the perfect size? Ha, anyways it will just have to do and I don't mind because the roses are just so beautiful!!

Have a great Wednesday friends :)
Breanna Mae


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