Thursday, November 3, 2011

Its Fall!

Its finally cold here!! Sort of.. We are fluctuating between 30s all the way to 80s. WEIRD. But I will take it. :) When I lived in Minnesota, I used to hate when it would start getting cooler because it felt like it had just gotten warm!! But now that I live in a state that it is very warm for a very long time, I welcome this cooler weather with open arms. :)

Seeing all the fall decorations being displayed out there in the blog world made me realize that I have the perfect spot in my house for a wreath! This caused me to have my first ever venture onto Pinterest. I know I know I am way out of it, but at least I made it right!? Here are my fun finds.


What are you loving this fall?

Breanna Mae


  1. Oh I love that last wreath! SO pretty! I am also out of the loop and haven't gotten into pintrest...oops!

  2. oooo... those wreaths are so cute. i am making wreaths for Christmas (hand-made Christmas for us this year)for the girls in my fam. thanks for the great ideas!!!

    cute blog by the way... and thanks for stopping by my blog !!!

  3. I love all of these!! It is SO addicting!! Welcome!!


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