Friday, September 9, 2011

Who Loves Birthdays?

Me me!! I do! I do! Well as you know, it was my hubby's birthday a week ago today and today I am finally getting around to writing the recap post! (Yes, one week later :/ ) Anywho! We had a great time :) I say we like it was my birthday... oops.. I am telling you, I love them that much! No but really I just love when The Hubs is happy and he was so loving his birthday :) He has been so busy with work and school and he just seized the day and RELAXED, ha it was great.

We actually thought he was going to be out of town on his actual birthday so we celebrated a few weeks ago with breakfast in bed, a lunch out, swimming, and the movies, you know, the whole sha-bang. However, during that birthday celebration we got a call that he would no longer be gone on his birthday!! Yippee!! So my lucky husband actually got two birthday celebrations. On his real birthday, he got breakfast-in-bed, our tradition!! We had Peach French Toast, a family recipe, its really the best!! It sounds weird but everyone that eats it just about dies from the deliciousness. :)
mmm mmm good!

Later we went out to lunch at our favorite Mexican lunch and then went to Sports Academy so see if we could discover and fun finds to buy with his birthday money. He came out with these bad boys :) I love that he wanted workout equipment for his birthday!! Ha oh man.

We topped off the night with a light dinner and Peach Raspberry Torte, YUM. (I will be doing a how-to post on the later.) It was a peach filled day, which is quite alright because The Hubs LOVES fruit. We watched Battle:Los Angeles and overall had a really great day together.

soooo goooood
Then..... on Sunday we had a really small and laid back surprise birthday party at Chill, our fav frozen yogurt place. :) He was very surprised!! It was hilarious to see his reaction. So great :) I think The Hubs had a really fun time. Who wouldn't? Great friends, great ice cream er.... frozen yogurt. All in all it was a great birthday celebration(s)!!! Here is my handsome man during the party.

On another high note, its Friday!! Which I am very excited about! Tonight we are going to go see Contagion. It looks sooooo good :) Tomorrow The Hubs and I get to spend the ENTIRE day together, :D and then Sunday we have our church's anniversary celebration. Should be some fun times!!

Blessings :)
Breanna Mae

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