Thursday, September 1, 2011


Today is the birthday of the most handsome-est man I know... MY HUBBY!!! (and yes I don't care that handsome-est in not a real word :)) He is turning the big 2-4 today. WOOOOO!!!! And since I LOVE celebrating the ones I love we will be spending most of the day doing fun things together. Just the way we like it :) Starting out by going to our favorite Mexican place for lunch. YUM.

The Birthday Boy
In celebration of my Hubs turning 24, here are 24 things that I love about him.

1. His tender Heart
2. His goofy side
3. His impressions
4. His loyalty to his friends and family.
5. The way he loves me
6. His cute-as-a-button smile.
7. His singing voice <3
8. The way he always makes everyone laugh
9. His work ethic
10. His hugs and kisses
11. His giving heart
12. How good he is at dishes :)
13. His Bahamian bungee (yes.. thats his heiney!!)
14. The way he can always make me feel better
15. His love for my cooking
16. His unselfishness
17. How easy going he is
18. How he hates to miss church services
19. How he puts up with my crazy ideas
20. How he brings me back to reality
21. How he makes sure I know he loves me
22. His sensitivity
23. All around, who he is
24. Above all, his relentless passion for Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

 I am so excited to be spending to whole day celebrating him because he is SOO worth it! I love him :)

Breanna Mae

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  1. YAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANA!!! :) :) :) Have so much fun celebrating him!


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