Saturday, November 19, 2011

Small Feat... Great Day

This was my feat of the day. Building a new train track with Jack and Sam. I am pretty sure they were satisfied with it because when it was all done Sam, in his sweet 3-year-old voice, said, "Miss Bre this is a good track." Ha. Oh kids, they always know just what to say ;)

 We helped out watching our friends' kids because they just had a new baby not two weeks ago. So we took on the entertaining duty for the day to help out tired parents :)

Maggie, their now second youngest (4 total), hasn't quite figured out how to "smile nice" yet lol. So more than likely when you pull out a camera in front of her this is what you get. I personally think its just the cutest thing ever..

This is Maggie with her new baby sister Emma.

This is Maggie trying to make her face smile nice.
Its the simple things folks. :)

Breanna Mae

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