Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Ah, Pillows.

Finding decorative pillows for our bed is a bit of struggle. It is not because I am not frequently finding pillows  that I love, trust me I got that covered. And it is definitely not because I don't want them. It is because of exhibit A, my husband.

Exhibit A
 The Hubs is a firm believer in the fact that decorative pillows should comfortable. I often show him a pillow that I like and get responses like, "that stuff on the pillow would be itchy" (referring to the gorgeous design of course), or "what if rolled over onto that pillow? It would scratch me", or even "that would not be a good pillow to sleep on". I have tried many a times to convince him they are DECORATIVE pillows, not for other use, like laying or sleeping on. But when I tell him this, this is the usual conversation that goes down.

The Hubs: Then what is the point of having them if you can't use them?
Me: To make the bed look nice and pretty.
The Hubs: It looks nice without them. I don't see the point of pillows you can't sleep on.
Me: Well you don't want to use them anyways because then they get flat and dirty.
The Hubs: Well we can just throw them in the wash if they get dirty. (Meaning the ENTIRE pillow, not just the cover)
Me: Ugh..

So there ya have it. I haven't gotten it through to him on that level yet therefore I am only able to get pillows that have no embroidery or beading or anything of the sort. *SIGH*. At least it gives me guidelines right?! Anywho I often keep my eyes peeled for pillows that would work and when I saw a tutorial for Mr. and Mrs. pillows I knew I had found a gem. I even got positive remarks from The Hubs!!! I started the search for the materials I needed right away and it wasn't too long before these fellas came along.

Aren't they just lovely?! I used a warm tan linen with really subtle horizontal white strips. I needed some more pattern in the room so I knew this would do the trick. They are "comfortable" and they have a envelope enclosure backing so they are also washable, solving both of my problems requirements!! These pillows are miracle workers I tell you.

Have a great Wednesday :)
Breanna Mae


  1. This makes me laugh, typical guy. I have had this same coversation/debate with Sean! I am loving the pillows you agreed on, SO cute!

    P.S. Love your etsy shop! Definitely going to get a couple hair clips for my sis coming up :)

  2. this conversation is sooooo funny!!!!!!!! love those pillows!


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