Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Extended Recap :)

I am so sorry I have been away for so long! Like normal life just fills up so fast and things have been crazy!! All I can say about this past extended weekend is OOFTA! I am very tired after it is all said and done but had sooo much fun at the same time :)

It started with Thursday... which was when my Hubby FINALLY came home!! It had been 16 days but felt like an eternity!!! I love him so stinkin much and it has been SO good to have him back home :) However he didnt fly in until 11:40pm (yuck!) so I jam packed my day with activities in order to stay distracted and oh boy did it work. In the morning I dropped of our car at the repair shop and then ran errands and got yummy Caribou with the MIL. Then we came home and I vacuumed her car then got ready for the day. After that we went to pick up my sissy-in-law and her friend from school and headed to the mall. We had to find outfits for many different occasions which took a while. I like to call my SIL a fashionista and that takes work!! After all of that we went and picked up my car then I headed home to help finish up some of my brother's wedding stuff. THEN I headed to Applebees to have some quality girl time with my cute forever friends Jillian and Sarah (who both have blogs!!). It was fun to just sit and chat. But once 11 came around I was off to pick up my hubby and actually saw his plane descending in the sky on the way there!! :) So yes, quite the day, and thats only THURSDAY! whew... Ok, breathe.... And continue.

Friday wedding stuff was in full swing because my brother's wedding was on Saturday! I helped my mom with stuff and ran errands and worked on the hair pieces that all the girls would be wearing in their hair. A lot of work BUT so much more fun than normal because I had my babe by my side <3. Then we met up with the girls to get our nails done and after that the grooms dinner! It was a great night filled with laughter and yummy barbecue :)

Saturday was an early start because the wedding was at four. We started out with getting our hair done and then normal activities commenced from there! It all went super well and the wedding was one of the most beautiful that I had ever been to. The couples' prayer was that first and foremost God would be glorified and I feel that wish was fulfilled more than anyone could have hoped for. YAYYYY! I am so happy for them and am so excited they get to experience the miracle that married life is!! <3 The wedding was also so fun for me because it was the first wedding I had been to since my own and I got to walk down the aisle with my hubby!! It was so special to me. Such an amazing day all together!!

Currently The Hubs and I are in the Bahamas (woohooo!!). We just flew in a few hours ago. It was a long day of travel, never really enjoy that part.., but we are here now and I am so excited to experience some tropical weather and scenery!! The Hubs is excited to get back to practicing with the team after being away. I am excited to watch! I love supporting my hubby, one of my favorite past times :)

Now that I have written you a novel, I will leave you with a few pics from the wedding.

My beautiful seester is modeling the hair pieces I made for all the bridesmaids :)
This is me with the Hubs and his siblings

We did a "Sister Dance" at the reception, SO fun!

Oh just dancing the night away with the love of my life <3

Me with one of the cute flower girls :)
Blessings on your week!
Breanna Mae

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