Friday, June 24, 2011

Love Week - My Start to a Happy Ever After

Now that you have heard our beginning, here is the beginning of our happy ever after :)

So here we go...

It was my 21st birthday on a Wednesday and since we were away at school, we planned to go home for the weekend to celebrate. So on Saturday my babe and I came home from school (this is when we were still at Minnesota Morris) and my mom threw me a birhday party. I was ready for a great night full of family, friends, fun and cake! It ended up being just that. We had a mexican themed "caker" instead of a keggar (hence my 21st) and had cake shots and margaritas and a pinata! So great :) 

However, I was not ready for the HUGE suprise that came after the cake. Everyone was in my living room singing Happy Birthday (which let me tell you, is not the roomiest spot for 25 people, aka.. it was packed!) and I was standing smack dab in the middle holding my Pooh ice cream cake (thanks mom ;)). When they were done singing, I continued the regular ritual and blew out all my candles. Directly following, Dana says with the most devastated look on his face, "Babe.. you are supposed to leave one.." I was not surprised by this comment because this was typical Dana, but his behavior was making me wonder if he was up to something. He was acting nervous and that is NOT like him. Then he comes out and says, "let's change the pace a little," and proceeds to start walking towards me. My first thought was that he was going to re-light my candles so I could leave one for him ha but to my surprise, as my mom swiftly took the cake out of my hands, he instead got down on one knee in front of me and pulled a ring box out of his back pocket. I was shocked, SHOCKED, as well the rest of the room was also, because no one knew he was going to do it, except for his family and my parents. There were many slight shrieks that echoed through the room and then instant silence. I was somehow able to settle my nerves, and listen to him say a sweet sweet proposal. Then after a few moments of forgetting to give him an answer, I SAID YES :) Even though it was not at all what I would have pictured as a little girl thinking about my proposal, it was beyond absolutely perfect. I loved having it with everyone there because I got multiple video recordings, tons of pictures, and got to celebrate with everyone directly after. It was a definitely a night to remember and one I will cherish for ages. <3 

Some pics from that night:

The re-enactment..

See? Told you he is not short on personality :)

My perfect ring <3
The new in-laws!!

With the whole fam :)

This has been a year of adventure filled with growing, laughs and tears, disappointments, dream-come-trues, love, and all the in-betweens. The Hubs and I have changed and grown in immense amounts and it is crazy to look back at how different we are from a year ago, today. When we exchanged vows, I could have sworn that I wasn't going to be able to love him an ounce more than I already did and oh boy, was I wrong. I am crazy about the handsome, good-hearted, loyal, hard-working and God fearing man that he is and I love everything about him, yes even the farts and burps ;). I CANNOT wait for what God has planned for us in the years to come and to grow old with my one and only... I love you baby <3

Thanks for tuning into Love Week!

Much love,

Breanna Mae

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  1. Oh Bre this is so beautiful and fun to read! LOVE you both!


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