Sunday, June 12, 2011

Surviving.. :)

So its been a rough couple of days here in the Bahamas.. You know how that goes ;) No actually I was just thinking this morning that I am living in a vacation! I am loving it and finally starting to get used to the hotness. The first couple of days we were here it was not as warm as normal so that helped me get acclimated. But yesterday and today have been absolutely beautiful!! The kind of weather you expect from the Bahamas.
Most my time has been filled staying around the house and getting things done that have been on the to-do list for a while. Also I have gotten to cook some fun things and hang out with Dana's Papa and Nana :) On Friday night I made a Baked Potato Soup and some homemade whole wheat rolls. YUM!

I found the recipe for the soup at She has some really great recipes!! Tomorrow Nana and I are going to try the cranberry-lemon scones :) The only things I would change about the soup is I would use more potatoes and less cauliflower and then add a little spice like some crushed red pepper. Mmmm mMMm!

Friday I also got to do something very  exciting for me!! A long time secret I have been keeping from you guys is that I have been working on an accessory line for quite some time now with hopes to opening my very own Etsy shop. (EEK! that will be a happy day :)) Anywho, the exciting part is that Dana's Auntie rents out a room in a salon where she does nails and she is lettting me put out a little display in there for my accessories!!! It is just a small little table so I am only putting out select items but it is the perfect opportunity to test things out. So we set it all up on Friday and.... I have already sold 6 items!! Yahoo!! Here is a pic of my very simple display.

I am very excited about being able to take this next step. :)

Saturday I went to another one of Dana's practices (I am so proud of him!!). It is fun to be able to support him and see all what he is experiencing. I have to say though... games are more interesting than practices so I am even more excited to see those!! I will post some action pics of practice later.

Today I went to my first Bahamian church service (oh boy that was an experience!). I was cracking up at the Bahamian modification of the words in the songs on the big screen. Got was gat, every was ev'ry, victory was vic'try, to name a few. Ha I knew they talked like that but didn't know they would change the display. I was lovin it. After we went to the pool and met up with some family. Then it was off to see Papa and Nana's dogs' puppies and dinner at The Poop Deck. And yes, the food is actually amazing at a place called The Poop Deck :).  This pics will also come later.

I hope you all have had an amazing weekend!
Much Love,
Breanna Mae

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  1. SO FUN!! I loveeeeee your display :-) So so happy!!!!! Congrats on selling 6 items, that's incredible!!

    Fun times!


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