Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day with a side of Pictures

Happy Father's Day! Dana and I are so blessed with two amazing father's that are great leaders of their families. We are very thankful for everything they have poured into our lives over the years and wouldn't be who we are today without them. Thank you for everything, we love you Steve and Richard (Dad and Dad :))!!

On a whole other note, I feel as if I am up to my neck in unshared photos. So in light of that fact I am going to have a mostly picture post! Enjoy my recent endeavors :)

We went out to dinner with Dana's Aunt and Uncle. SO fun!! After we went to see one of their friends' bands at a cute outdoor bar called Violas.

These are some pics of my handsome hubby at practice..

Thought this one was funny :)

This is after practice.. Sweaty much?

A beautiful sunset to top it all off!

So Dana's Papa bred his Akita with another akita and these adorable things are the result! They are like mini bears full of cuteness!

After visiting them we went out to eat at the Poop Deck. Remember our talk about this? Well to top off the wonderful food the restaurant is right on the marina with B-E-A-utiful views!

Also in one week from today it is my one year wedding anniversary! I tell you.. time has flown!! In celebration of that fact I am dedicating next week to posts about the one and only LOVE <3 so stay tuned!!

Ps. I for some reason can never get my auto post to work correctly. Anyone have any tips??
Breanna Mae


  1. CUTE! I love the pics... and for the auto post... what's the problem?? Is the time zone off? :-)

  2. You guys are sooooo adorable!!!!!


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