Thursday, June 30, 2011

Life Lately.

Hey guys! I haven't been around here much this week so I thought I would just give you an update on everything that has been going on.

The Hubs left this morning with his team for Turks & Caicos. Which means... YES he made the Bahamas' Men's National Team!!! I have been pretty sure that he was on the team for a while but they finally names the final 18 players on Wednesday and it is just so cool to know for sure. They seem to really like Dana so that is always a plus :). Anywho, they play on Saturday, then fly back on Sunday. Then the Turks & Caicos team comes here (as in The Bahamas) and they play them next Saturday. Whoever comes out with the most points at the end of those two games continues on to the next qualifying round. I am so anxious to see the result of this weekend's game and its only Thursday! Don't worry though guys I will somehow make it through. :)

By the way thanks for tuning into my Love Week posts last week! I so enjoyed sharing those thoughts and memories with you all. Last Friday to celebrate our anniversary (I still can't believe we have been married a year!!!) we stayed at a hotel on Paradise Island here in The Bahamas. We spent all afternoon at the Atlantis at their waterpark, then walked around the little outdoor shopping area and got some yummy treats. Later we went out for some mexican that we were craving, got to go for a little walk, and spent the rest of the evening at Atlantis just doing whatever. It was so perfect <3 On Saturday, our actual anniversary, Dana had practice so we just did regular stuff. But after we carried on one of our traditions and made brownies and watched a movie together. :) It was so good just to spend some quality time with the man that has my heart. I love him!! So excited for our years together to come.

This week we have just been hanging out and doing random stuff a lot. Dana had a scrimmage on Sunday so that was fun to watch. We also got to go out on the boat on Tuesday which is always a blast. This time things didn't go exactly as planned however ha. We started out by jigging. Jigging is a type of fishing. The boat is trolling and you throw your line in (which is literally line on a spool with a hook at the end) and you just keep jigging it to make fish notice your hook. Hard to explain.. but it is fun! Well anyways I finally got a big bite and was super excited but then it went off the line. This was my first time ever jigging so i just figured I wasn't reeling it in correctly. After that I got a few more bites but I couldn't  hook them. I was so confused. So after about an hour and a half we pulled in our lines and I look at mine and I have a stub for a hook! The first fish that bit my line must have broken it off!! For those of you that fish, you know this is not something you hear of happening everyday. So that stunk but it is whatever, I fish more for the fun of it anyways. So we moved on to our next activity, spearing. It is just like it sounds, your in snorkel gear and you swim around till you see a fish and then you dive down and try to spear it. It sounds kinda gruesome but it really isn't. So we start to put on our gear and I look at the fins and see three huge pairs. Note: I have tiny feet. To give you perspective my FIL likes to call my shoes doll shoes. So I point to the pair that say size 10-11 and say to my Hubs, "Those aren't the fins that you brought me are they?", remembering our previous conversation about those same fins the last time we went out and how they weren't the ones I had been using. He says a simple yes like he has no idea what I am fussing about. Ha so I jogged his memory and solidified it by putting my foot in the fin and showing him that my foot could basically fit in just the ankle opening. Oh how I love that man haha :) It's was ok though because the water was really too deep for me to dive anyways. I am not very good at it :( So fast forward another hour or two we decided to jig again on our way back in so I could fish with a real hook. We are trolling along and.. I get a bite!! I am reeling the sucker in and as it gets close to the boat I saw a flash of the fish and it was a beautiful fish with a bright yellow tail. I was so excited!! I finally go to swing the fish up into the boat and off my line it flops.. (insert sad face). I was so close!! Then Dana says, I think something is wrong with your hook. Sure enough, no end, just a stub. IT BROKE AGAIN! hahaha how does this rare occurrence happen to someone twice?! Decided it wasn't my day to catch a fish. Either way I just love been out on the water so I decided it was a great day that just didn't go as planned. :)

On another note I have now been in The Bahamas for almost a month... SO WEIRD. I miss home but I am loving it here all at the same time. By the end of my time here I know I will be ready to go back home but there will also be many things that I have grown to love that I will miss.

Happy Thursday Everyone!
Breanna Mae

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