Tuesday, June 21, 2011

LOVE WEEK - Family

Today Dana's sister and Dad are flying in!! We are very excited to see them. In celebration of that I my Love Week feature is going to be on family.

My family is to me..

F - Friends
A - Always there
M - Makes me laugh
I - Irreplaceable
Y - Year-round support

Dana and I have had many conversations about how lucky we feel to have the families that we do. We love them all so so so much. You hear too many stories about people hating to be around their in-laws and that definitely is not us. Our two families actually get together quite often, our brothers even hang out together. Ha I love that we are all so close!

Families come in many different forms and it seems like each one always has some kind of uniqueness to them, but what is great about families is they are the people that are there for you not matter what. They will love you through everything even when they don't "like" you very much. It is a love like no other and that is a gift from God that is irreplaceable.

Here are some pics of my two extremely lovely family. They are just missing my very new sister-in-law Jonna! She is a great addition to our family :)
Our family photo at Dana and I's wedding.

 For Mother's Day we gave both of our moms family photo shoots with the amazing Ri Photography. (Check her out for real!!!) We haven't done one with my family yet but below is the ones with Dana's family. It was so fun!!

I am so grateful for my family, they have brought me through many hard times and have been that support when I felt like I couldn't make it through. I love you guys!!

Breanna Mae

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  1. LOVE IT!! :-) Sooooon you will have Cross Family Pics! Fun. We consider you guys family, too and LOVE THAT!! Blessings and have fun with family today!


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