Monday, May 23, 2011

Music Monday + More

Todays Music Monday selection is from Lacrae's new CD Rehab called "Divine Intervention". The way the album is composed is really unique. The songs are set up like the process of going through rehab, a rehab of breaking off from the world and turning to the Lord. Its cool to listen to the songs in order, it really tells a story. My other favorite from this album is "Background".

I have always appreciated Lacrae because he adds something to the christian music world that there isn't much of. Plus I love to get jiggy so its nice to have some clean tunes to do that to! 

On another note, I am on the 6th day of being away from my hubby.. This being apart thing is so hard!! :( But he said that training is going well and that he is very sore and tired! I can only imagine. Also I guess the first night he was training with the team, one of the goalies got knee-ed in between the eyes and it broke or chipped his skull. Like he couldn't even open his eyes or anything. So the ambulance had to come and get him and then he flew to the States for surgery. OUCH!! Poor guy :( Besides that he said the trainings have been injury free. Praise the Lord!! God is good.

Tonight I am going to a bridal shower for my future sister-in-law Jonna!!. I am so excited. They get married a week from Saturday and I am just so darn ecstatic for them! I am sure it will be a night filled with fun, laughter, and fellowship :)

Breanna Mae

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  1. What a cool premise for a cd! AND I love having you around. what a fun time yesterday. xoxoxo


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