Monday, March 28, 2011

Sixteen Cities - Captured By Your Love

Another Monday... :) I have a lot of in front of me this week but am having one of those determined days that helps me feel like I am gonna be able to just tear right through it! Not only that but do it with greatness. God is so faithful in his provisions he gives to his faithful servants!!

As for Music Monday, I just discovered this AMAZING band, Sixteen Cities, last week. Has anyone heard of them before?! Their songs have such great lyrics and so much passion, my fav! My pick is "Captured By Your Love". This is one of those songs that you can really scream your heart out to.. watch out :)

Other goodies from this band are "Pray You Through" and "Finally Ready" and really... all of them :)

Another announcement (one that I am pretty excited about) is that I finally added a Music Monday tab!! Located under my header, there is a link to all of the Music Monday posts of the past with the artist and their song! So now it will be easy to look up any music that you may have missed. This is the first of many updates that I have planned for the near future.

Much Love,
Breanna Mae

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  1. I love sixteen cities! Chris and I saw them in concert. so good. Yay for the new tab-- you go blogging girl!


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