Monday, March 14, 2011

Free Love!!

Is it Monday already??? Last week flew by! As I said in previous posts, last week was my Spring Break. Needless to say I feel much more refreshed this Monday and I have more drive to kick the rest of this semester in the butt! Our spring break was filled with many activities, friends, errands, yummy dinners, and dreaming (one of our favs ...or mine that is forced upon my husband?... :) ).

This week's feature is "This Love is Free" by Hyland. I heard them on the radio the other day and LOVE their sound. I found out later that this band has been in the Battle of the Band Finals at Club 3 Degrees in 2009. Club 3 Degrees is in Minneapolis! My home town :) My friend Ria actually got married there in 2009 too!! Crazy. Just thought that was a fun fact that reminds me of home.


Breanna Mae


  1. Yeah they are MN based... so fun :) Tyler knows them! Ha! We are like famous! So sweet Bre... guess what you will be here SO soon! YAY!

  2. How cool!!! I felt like I heard of them before! And yes we are coming home the end of MAYYYYYYY! We will be hopefully be home for two or three weeks yayyy!


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