Monday, March 21, 2011

Music Music Music :)

Happy Monday everyone!!! It has been in the 80s for the past week here in 'Bama and this Minnesota girl is not used to this kind of weather in March! But as a a lover of sunshine, I can't complain and I am really looking forward to finding some beach time in the near future!

This week I am featuring the band Me in Motion. You have most likely heard their songs "Eye of the Hurricane" or "Losers" around town.
Their song "The God I Know" really fits where I am at right now and the message we received at church yesterday. My favorite chunk of the song is:

There is one thing I know for sure
I can't let fear hide my faith anymore...

So true!!! Oh man oh man :) Listen below!

Anyone have some recent favs they wanna share??

Much Love,
Breanna Mae


  1. LOVE! i was at the store saturday and noticed that hillsong united had a new album out! i just got the new francescia album...and my hubby just got the new FLAME album!

  2. Mmm... I love this song!! I have never heard of them before... so good! :) I love that line too. Fear should not grip us or hide our faith. Thanks for sharing friend! MISS YOU!

  3. hey babe! li-ken your blog! you should look up Tryenese Jones on itunes. I really like her song SHOW ME!!


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