Monday, February 21, 2011

Music Monday

Hey friends! New artist for you today... Tal & Acacia! Has anyone heard of them before? I am pretty sure I have been out of the loop on this one but am sooo happy about my discovery! It is a duo of two sisters that just have the funnest style of making music. I think they are so great!

The song I am featuring is "Drifting Away".

This song reminds me of my recent struggles to not be discouraged by my never ending amount of things that I do want to do.. Boo hoo poor me, right? I know it is just so silly that I have been stuck up on this lately BUT it just seems to have put its nails in. Either which way, it IS not here to stay. Because I know that the reason why it has had such an effect on me is because I have let it. I have been drifting away from focusing God's amazing love that he gives to me relentlessly. He is SO good and has provided for my husband and I beyond what we could ever imagine. It is time to direct my attention towards what is so great about my life instead of stupid silly non important things!!!! Happy day :)

Other songs worth giving some listens by Tal & Acacia are "Love's Gonna Getcha" and Yahweh.

Does anyone else have problems that seem just SO SILLY but have a strong grasp on you?? How frustrating right? Good thing we have a God that helps us through anything. :)

With Love,
Breanna Mae

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