Friday, February 25, 2011

Its FINALLY Friday

Hello everybody and HAPPY FRIDAY!!! I am more excited for this friday then usual because... I was able to take the WHOLE weekend off work!! Something I havent been able to do since our christmas vaca. AND we are going to our friends condo to celebrate her birthday that is ON THE BEACH. Do you understand now? Ha I couldnt be more excited to relax and enjoy some sunshine!

Anyways I wish everyone a very blessed weekend and hope you enjoy every minute of it!

Much Love,
Breanna Mae


  1. NO FAIR! Ha! Have a blast :) You should take pictures, too! So much fun!

  2. i must say...i'm a tad jealous! lol! have a blast!!!! :)

  3. Bre
    So glad you can have a weekend off . . .goin to the BEACH!!!! So much fun! Hello to Dana!


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