Monday, February 7, 2011

Behind Music Monday

Originally I started this Music Monday thing because I just plain like music and the warm feeling that comes along with it and I wanted to share that with others. But the other day I was riding along thinking about how much I enjoyed my worship music and had a sort of epiphany. There is a reason why I love popping in those CDs that sing praises to my God and why I keep the songs on repeat, for real and in my head, all day long. That is MY time with MY Lord.

I often struggle to find time to spend with my Savior that I so much need because lets be real, life is busy and its very easy to get caught up in the busyness of everyday life. However that should not be an excuse and so I continuously search for ways and times that I can use for his glory. Music often creates that opportunity for me. If ever I am feeling overwhelmed, crabby, etc. (insert negative feeling) I turn on some praise and worship and I get to reconnect with God and re-balance. It allows me to be in his presence and refocus on him and what really matters. I find I can really pour out my heart through the songs and it ignites such a passion in me for him.  Psalm 69:30 "I will praise God’s name in song and glorify him with thanksgiving"  Is not the reason he created us was to give him glory? My favorite way to give him glory is to sing of his praises. 

The other day at church we had a guest speaker that brought this process for me full circle. He spoke of the importance of staying connected to our Savior in our world today. A point he made was if we want to be who he is calling us to be we can't connect and disconnect all day long. You cant download a file if you are periodically disconnecting from the internet. Just the same you can't get fully what the Lord wants for you if you don't stay connected with him.

Music allows me to stay connected through the day. All it takes is one song and I am back on track :) Some of my favorite praise and worship songs come from Hillsong and Hillsong United. Surprised?? They are SO amazing and gifted at what they do and yet still so humble. "All I Need is You" from the Hillsong United live CD never fails to get my heart moving for God. The lyrics have so much truth in them.

Some songs to check out are:
"The Wonder of Your Love" and "For Your Name" from Faith+Hope+Love
"Lead Me to the Cross" from All of the Above
 "Perfect Love" In a Valley By the Sea

Hope everyone had a great Superbowl day! Next I will share my fun football treats that I made to share yesterday :)

Breanna Mae

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