Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Sweethearts Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everybody! A day for love <3 I love today cause it is a perfect excuse to tell all those special people in your life how much they mean to you! The hubs and I decided to celebrate V-day on Saturday. If you read my earlier post we were planning on going to the Winter Jam (a local concert) but found out it was on SUNDAY! oops... luckily we found out in the early afternoon so we didnt show up to an empty stage ha. We ended up spending the whole day running fun errands and then just staying over at a friend's house. It was SO fun and perfect :) I couldnt ask for  a better husband!

Lately I have been trying to learn more about creating on a photo editor software. My most recent project was making a V-day card for my best friend and husband. I have not yet learned how to save and share a document that still have separate layers for edited but I will share with you today my finished product!

Feel free to use this image for your own use! To put your own picture in place of mine you can just deleted that selected section and them put in your own picture :)

Lastly is my Music Monday selection! The Afters came out with a new CD called Light up the Sky. You may have heard their single "Light up the Sky" on the radio, which I LOVE. Another great song is "Say it Now". I really like their style, its different and fun. A good twist to add to your music selection :)

Breanna Mae


  1. COOOOOL Bre... how did you do that?? I love it!!

  2. SOO fun and cute Bre!! You could go into business for telling you!


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