Monday, November 29, 2010

Not Kept Silent

Hey ladies and gents... ITS FINALLY MUSIC MONDAY TIME! Now that I have held your suspense for ages (sorry I missed last week!) I am happy to announce this weeks special ---

Solomon's Road!
This is a band from the church that I just started attending. I have already heard them play a lot because they actually lead worship at the church also. They are so so so great. I have not known them for long at all but it is so evident that each and every member is just on fire for God and ready to do his will. They are some awesome people!

They are currently in the final stages of their first CD so they do not have a CD published YET. But they have released a couple songs and just recently releases a new music video that speaks volumes. The track is called "Not Kept Silent" and the video is about a girl who had an abortion and the power that God has in those hard times and the redemption that he can offer. WATCH OUT! -- you will be moved.  It is a powerful video. Watch here :)

Aren't they so great?! I am so excited for their CD to come out! Right now the CD it is on pre-sale at Indie Heaven where you can also listen to their other song and some CDs made in the past by some of the members (mainly the lead singer Jessica). I encourage you to check them out! If you like them head over to Solomon's Road Facebook page and give them some love!

Have a great Monday everyone :)

Breanna Mae


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