Friday, December 3, 2010

Tis the Season

My newly decorated tree and christmas tunes on the radio continuously remind me that Christmas is just around the corner!! I LOVE christmas. It is by far my favorite holiday. It is going to be extra special this year because it will be the first time that the hubs and I get to go home to Minnesota since moving away. We cant wait to see some very missed family and friends!

Last weekend we officially kicked off the season by making christmas cookies and decorating our version of a christmas tree. Anyone else out there ever make Russian Tea Cakes? My husband is obsessed them. I always tell him he has an addictive personality and during Christmas time that definitely translates to Russian Tea Cakes. I guess I don't mind that he loves to make delicious cookies that I get to eat after ;)

The hubs loving it

slaving away.

The amazingly delicious finished product!

They were so yummy! And I am not gonna lie the whole batch was gone in a couple days :( Oh well! If anyone wants the recipe just holler :)

The other thing we did was decorate our makeshift christmas tree. Let me explain what I mean by make shift before I show pics. Our apartment is pretty moderate and therefore has no space for a christmas tree. The only space I had to work with was our table centerpiece. However the hubs loves christmas and everything that goes along with it so I wanted to create something that we could decorate. So what I did is took some boxes, cut a hole in the middle of them and filled them with foam.  Then I wrapped them and stacked them. Once I finished that my search for some good looking sticks was on. Thankfully our campus is surrounded in trees. I found a couple good ones and when I got back I just inserted the stick into my precut holes and BAM a christmas tree center piece. Here is the finished product and pictures of us decorating :)

Our very first Christmas tree :)

The first ornament!

He thinks he is funny.... :)

I have to say that for not being able to have a real christmas tree, I love this one! And it was so fun and easy to make.

Excited now for more Christmas because tonight we are going to a christmas party at our church. Then the rest of the weekend will be filled with studying and work because next week is finals! EEK! Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I love your Christmas tree, So cute :)

  2. Breeee YOU are soooo creative!! I love the tree! Perfect, all you need :-)! CANT WAIT FOR YOU TO COME HOME!! Let's plan a day the last week in December to spend together. Any free time?? What dates are you hear again... let me know!!

  3. Hey! I Love your Christmas tree!!!
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    Have a great weekend!

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  7. LOVE THE TREE!! So creative and cute! We cant wait to see you guys SOON!!! :)

  8. You have a very lovely page! I'm now following you - found your link on a blog hop. I hope you'll follow back and visit:)


  9. You are SO SO SO Creative!! I looks AWESOME!! =)

  10. So cute! Those treats look delicious!

    Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations


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