Tuesday, November 9, 2010

better late than never

Can I just say oofta!? Just finished exam #1 of this week and it was a doozy. I am taking a break before continuing to study for exam #2 :( As much as I like learning about new things and broadening my horizons I could do without the endless amounts of studying! College and I have a love, hate relationship.
Because I was trying to keep my priorities straight yesterday I did not have a chance to post a new music monday. So I am saying, better late than never!

This week I am highlighting another super popular christian band that I am sure you have heard of....
They have had a presence for such a long time now. I remember first learning about them when I heard their song on a "Walk to Remember" ha. I must confess that I didn't really love them at first they were just one of those filler bands for me. This all changed when they gave a concert with Relient K at the college I was going to at the time, UW - Green Bay. Me and some of my girlfriends decided we wanted to go and I have never felt the same about Switchfoot since! They are one of those bands that when you see them perform you have a new appreciation open up. They are just filled with such passion and energy when they are on stage and the lead singer, Jon Foreman just sings his heart out! Its so great. When I was at their concert Jon Foreman was just everywhere. Literally. Here is a picture of him hanging  of the stage posts.

              And one of him standing here right in my row! So awesome
Tomorrow is their first year anniversary of their album Hello Hurricane from which our song of the week comes from! The song I chose from this album is called "Your Love is a Song". Listen Here I have been somewhat addicted to this song over the last week. I find myself pulling a Jon Foreman and singing my heart out. The words of the song just speak to me because I am such a music lover and I love praising God in my worship. His love is a melody. When I am praising him the the music just consumes me and I can feel him all around me. Another good tune on this album is "Mess of Me" and you may have heard "This is Home" on The Chronicles of Narnia: Price Caspian

Happy Music Monday everyone! I will leave you with this question: Who else loves jamming out in the car??

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