Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Recap and Music Announcement!

Ok so, I had this whole post written yesterday and did not publish it! I have been quite the scatterbrain lately. Sorry to those who have been waiting for a music post you will have to wait one more day. 

Happy Monday everyone! Who is ready for another week?? Dana had quite an event packed weekend but we loved every minute of it!

On Friday we went camping with our new friends Jordan and Sarah. Our new church owns 90 acres of land (how amazing is that!?) and they have turned part of it into a campsite. People from the church are able to just leave there campsites set up there and they can hop on over and spend the night whenever! I think it is just the coolest thing ever because the MAIN reservation I always have about camping is not wanting to set everything up.. Anyways we had a lot of fun sharing stories and apple cider by the campfire under the open sky. Everything was going just perfectly until we went to bed and discovered that..... our air mattress had a large hole and flattened itself an hour into our sleep. Needless to say I didnt have the most well rested night. But the morning made up for it when we headed over to a neighbors campsite and had scrambled eggs, grits, sausage and homemade cider. YUM! People know how to cook in the south. :)

Having not had very good sleep on Friday combined with a sickness that just refuses to go away, I was really not wanting to go into work on Saturday. So needless to say that when work called and said they had an extra person on and didnt need me to come in, I was ecstatic! I had rest to catch up on and much to do to get ready for Dana's dad to fly in!

We picked up Richard from the local airport later on Saturday night. We showed him around the town a little then headed home to have some yummy homemade spaghetti :) On Sunday we went to church then had a delicious lunch at a local seafood restaurant to celebrate Richards Birthday. Next we went to the HUGE Bass Pro Shop because Dana and Richard share what I like to call an obsession of hunting and fishing. It was a fun boys day out :) We finished off the night with off with Marble Slab ice cream and a soccer game!

Since this post is a lot longer then I originally expected it to be I am going to end with some pictures and I will introduce my music tomorrow! I know I know it is called Music Monday for a reason but just remember, flexibility is a great attribute ;) I promise you will not be disappointed from waiting an extra day because I can guarantee you will not know tomorrows featured artist!

@ Felix's... its so delicious that I actually eat fish there!

Dana and his pops

ain't that the truth! 

Breanna Mae

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  1. Cute pictures Bre!! Sounds like a really fun time :) Happy Thanksgiving... we will miss you!!! Can't wait to see you at Christmas :)


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