Monday, January 10, 2011

Music Monday and Weekend Recap!

This weeks artist I discovered through my good friend Ria. You can find her over at Life as a Wife! The artist's name is Meredith Andrews. The song I am writing about it called "In Your Arms". Especially at this time in my life with school starting back up, a song like this brings me back to what really matters. It is like she stole my thoughts and put them into a song.

I’m turning the world off
Embracing the silence
Walking away from all the voices
That are Screaming in my ear

I've been too caught up
I've been so stressed out
All of the noise replaced the whisper
That used to be so clear

So I close every door
Put my face back on the floor

And I'm in Your arms 
Where I belong
There's no other place for me 
Than right where You are
Some things just don't change
When I call Your name 
You never hesitate to wrap me in endless grace
When I'm in Your arms

I mean how true is that. He is the only thing that can give us true peace and safety. It is so easy to get caught up in everyday life. "I've been too caught up". I cant count the times that I stop and think shoot, I did it again... and I hate it! But thankfully our God has grace and he welcomes us back into his arms time and again. How thankful I am for that! I would be so lost without him... And one last thing...

Isnt Meredith Andrews just stinking cute! :)

On a different note.. A weekend recap!
Over the last few weeks being home and getting everything ready for the new semester Dana and I havent had much time for just us. So on Saturday we decided that we were due for a date :) I love dates with my husband! I was in the mood for something new so we went to a Japanese Steakhouse, you know the ones where they cook right in front of you? It was the coolest! I had never been to one before and I loved it and it was amazingly delicious!
our chef creating an onion volcano

the dish of amazingness!!

yes it was that good...

pretty sushi!

Afterwards we decided to have game night with some yummy drinks and friends! It was the perfect end to a marvelous evening :)

On Sunday we got the pleasure of getting to meet up my Aunt and Uncle from Georgia for lunch!! It was such a great opportunity because they have never met the Hubs!! They dont get up to Minnesota very often but now that we are right next door its a bit more convenient. :) The main reason for their visit was because my Uncle was running a marathon in Mobile. He is quite the dedicated marathoner and he ended up getting first in his age group!! HOORAY! Afterwards we went out to eat at our favorite, Felix's. It was so so so great catching up with them.

Breanna Mae


  1. hey girl....yes japanese steakhouses are the BEST!!! they are all over our town. lol! oh and i love meredith andrews! her new album is really good too.

  2. That song is great!! It looks like you had a great weekend!!! I love Japanese steak houses, so yummy!!!

  3. Fun! I love it and this songggg = amazing. God truly does speak through music. We miss you guys!! We are looking at a lot of cruises for our 2nd anniversary that leave out of mobile,AL how crazy is that?? :0) I would love it!

  4. So fun Bre, and yes Meredith Andrews is so stinkin cute. Exactly what I was thinking before I read that you wrote it! =) Yummy food!! happy! =)


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