Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday is here!

Woo hoo its Friday! Fridays never quite seem like Friday to me cause I work Friday nights but I still like them because it means it is that much closer to sat night which equals my break from work :)))

This weekend the hubs and I will just be working and resting and preparing for school to start next week. EEK! We both are kind of dreading but also trying to be thankful for this season in our lives. I love learning but loathe homework and studying. I am sure there are many out there that feel my pain :-o

Also my Aunt and Uncle will be in town from Atlanta because my Uncle is running a marathon in Mobile! We are excited to spend time with them because they have never meet Dana. How crazy?!

I am gonna leave you with a couple pics from a wedding we went to while we were home in Minny. I grew up with the girl getting married so it was fun to see her go through this transition.

Angela wore her grandmothers dress! How cool.

Me and the hubs being me and the hubs. <3

One last thing. Head on over to Life as a Wife! and join her blog hop!
Have a fabulous Friday everyone!

Breanna Mae


  1. Cute pictures ;) I should put that on facebook... oops! I am behind on updated facebook photos. Lol! Andd... you should link up to fabulous friday. You can even take the blog button!! Blessings! Happy Weekend, sweet friend!

  2. yes I totally feel the same way about school...It is so sad when vacation ends! cute pic :)

  3. Good luck with school starting! The wedding picture is pretty- love that she wore her grandmother's dress!


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