Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Belated Music Monday

My apologies for having yet another late Music Monday post. Unfortunately my internet has been extremely sketchy lately so I never really know when its going to work! Oh joy.

This weeks feature is "Never Alone" by Barlow Girls, another oldie but goodie :) Watch here. I remember seeing them in concert when I was just a brace-faced middle schooler and thinking, "Whoa they are like the COOLEST girls ever! They rock!!". Ha and they are still awesome!

This is song perfectly matches my recent struggle of trying to overcome my doubt. I KNOW God is always there. I KNOW he has my best in mind. I KNOW he works in mysterious ways but sometimes it is hard to find that faith.

I waited for you today
I needed you today
So where did you go
You told me to call, said you'd be there
and though I haven't seen you are you still there?

Sometimes it is so hard to just have the patience to wait on Him. But when I do let it all go and just trust in Him, he works in ways I could have never imagined.

I cried out with no reply
I cant feel you by my side
So I hold tight to what I know,
You're here
and I'm never alone

I just need to remember that even when I can't hear him, he is working. Even when I can not see it, he is right by my side and I am never ever alone!!!

On a side note: My aunt and uncle have been missionaries in Mozambique, Africa for over ten years. Their two older children attend boarding school in Kenya and this past week there oldest daughter Donna (my cousin) has been admitted to the hospital there with malaria. Over the week she regressed into a coma and has yet to come out of it. As of yesterday her blood levels are improving and had a positive CT scan, so that is a positive. With that said, your prayers for her would me much appreciated in this time. Also I will post updates on her condition throughout the week.

Breanna Mae

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    PRAYING FOR DONNA -- MISS YOU! I hope you are doing okay with it all sweet friend :-) LOVE!!


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