Thursday, January 6, 2011

It is a new year! Does anyone else find it crazy that it is now 2011?? It always takes me a while to get adjusted to the change of a year. I feel like I just got used to writing 10 at the end of all my dates!

Either which way I am ready to take this year by storm. Over the past few weeks I cant seem to stop thinking about the fact that life flies by. I don't want to be that person that wakes up in ten years and goes. "Man, I wish I could go back...". I want to be someone that cherishes life and each and every moment that it contains. God has chosen a purpose for each and every one of us and frankly everything he gives me is always pretty much amazing so I dont want to miss out on this one!

Along with this thought however also comes the constant reminder that sometimes enjoying life to fullest is slowing down and loving the simple aspects. Especially as a newlywed I am realizing how important time is to the people you love most. Filling my time with silly little projects is not worth missing out on some of the greatest moments that happen in life when you spend quality time with others.

Going home for the holidays opened my eyes to a million things I am thankful for. Yes. A million. :) One of them is these girls

We have been friends since we were all little tykes and have gone through many ups and downs together. We always have such a blast when we are together!! Dana and I have so many amazing people that love us at home. That is just unbeatable to me and I will be forever thankful for great friends and family. :)

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