Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A little late...

So I am writing about our church's Christmas Party!! that may or may not have happening over a month ago.... :/ But that is besides the point because I have lots of pictures which I know you all love :) It was a night full of yummy food, skits, and friends. What is better?! Oh and I almost forgot to mention the part where we got called up on stage to reinacte the love story of one of another couple in the church. Maybe that was because I tried to suppress the memory of my husband pretending to assist me in giving birth to a baby.. Yes, that actually happened. Lets move on..

Being weird.. Like normal


Ms. Teresa in her real fur. oh yes

Our Friends :)

Yes those are men. Have you ever seen White Christmas?

How lovely.

Our pastor and his wife opening a gift.

Me and Jessica :)

Chatting.. obviously its a super good story

Some of the girls.

Creative friends!!

LOVE him.

It was a really great night. Soon I will be sharing photos from The Hubs' family surprise visit following Christmas!! :)

Much Love,
Breanna Mae

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