Monday, January 23, 2012

A little fun :)

No Music Monday today. But I do have lots and lots of picture to make up for it :) In September my friend had a big costume party for her birthday.  I wasn't so sure how into it everyone was going to get but I was not gonna let that hold me back! I like dressing up as a couple with the Hubs and since he had already figured out what he wanted to be that made my job a little more least in theory.

So here we are...

Look Tinkerbell was there too! Ha
A woopie cushin and an a Happy Wife air freshener. :) For those of those that can't see it, I choose Fart-Masking Scent as my aroma I chose. I ended up sewing that sucker together a few hours before the party (nothing like pro-castinating!) and yes there were paint streaks because the letter were still wet when I was sewing. Lol

When we got to the party we were pleasantly surprised that everyone else got super into the theme and there were some really great get-ups. It was a super fun night and I would definitely do it again!

You can't have a southern party without a redneck! Ha 
What! Pippi!?

A cook.

And there is his bun in the oven! :)

A Q-Tip and Viking Wife.. quite the duo

Eeek! Curella Deville!

Bumblebee :)

With Bam Bam

And with her Flapper momma

A ninja!

Me with Tinkerbell.

Cruella and Tink 
Woopi and IronMan flexin it. ha

The Hosts. Cinderella and Prince Charming with their Pumpkin!

Dr. and Doctress ;)
Happy Monday friends!

Breanna Mae


  1. okay, adorable!!!! love the bun in the oven too, how clever ;)

  2. Woopie & Happy, what a great combination,
    Happy when you squeezed Woopie, was thre much hesitation?
    Design & creation by a loving Spouce, did the Hubs chase you around the house?

    Papa & Nana


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