Friday, May 20, 2011

My Life Currently

Today officially marks the longest I have been away from my husband since we have been married. 3. WHOLE. DAYS..!! I know I cant believe I have been able to do it ;) I know most people probably view this as pathetic but I am missing my hubs like crazy!! And I still have two weeks to go :( I don't know how the army wives do it!! More power to them for sure. I am not as good at this as they are.

The Hubs had his first training with the Bahamas last night and he said it went really well! Most importantly he came out injury free (he is just a TAD injury prone) which makes me very happy! On another note, one of the goalies got kicked in the head and got a concussion and had to have the ambulance come. Eek! not so good..

I on the other hand had a little retail therapy yesterday :) I strongly believe it is good for you!! lol Me, my mom, and my sister went and picked up my bridesmaid dress for my brother's wedding (WOOOOHOOOO!!) and then we went to IKEA and MOA (Mall of America, for all of you non-Minnes-OH-tans out there ;)). It was fun!! I have missed the massive amounts of choices those two place leave you with. Lets just say my self-control really got some good practice yesterday. Besides that I have just been enjoying my time home seeing some very familiar faces. It has been so nice to just slow down and do things I enjoy and spend time with people I have missed dearly. God is blessing me with this trip for sure!!

Tonight I am off to make some Chicken Parmesean for my brother and sister. YUM! It will be yet another fun night :)

Hope your weekend starts off super duper!!

Breanna Mae

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  1. Do not worry, my husband is gone every other weekend in the spring for track and I MISS him like crazzzzyyy too. It's healthy. :)


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