Wednesday, May 11, 2011


We are back in Minnesota!!!! SURPRISE!!! :)

For a while now the Hubs and I have been planning on coming back earlier then we originally planned to surprise our family and friends. Well we ended up being able to get back a WHOLE WEEK earlier and oh boy was everyone shocked. We got a lot of "What? What are you doing here??" and my mom may or may not have had a small breakdown. She really missed us! Lol. I loved it because I LOVE surprises. Everyone was so happy to see us and we are soooo happy to be back!!

We drove a straight shoot from Mobile to Minnesota (20hours!!) and only stopped for gas.. Oofta! It was a doozy. Once we arrived on Monday we spent the whole day surprising everyone and spending time with both of our families. SO AMAZING to see them. Yesterday we went out to breakfast and ran errands then took a much needed nap.  Then I went out with the Hubs and trained a little (I will explain what for in a later post :)))). Then we went to his brothers soccer game and I finally got to see my sister! Today we went out for breakfast (you will start seeing pattern with this.. The hubs' grandparents are in town and they LOVE breakfast) then I spent all day with my mom and mom-in-law and nana running some fun errands!! One of the fabric shops around here is closing down so the whole store was 60% off. Yippee!!! Now it is time for some more relaxing cause I am on vacation gosh darnit!!

You will be seeing much more recap posts from here on out and and everything may have a much chillier tone.. Its so cold here!! Compared to Mobile anyways.. :)

Be blessed today!!

Breanna Mae


  1. hope you enjoy a relaxing vacay! :)

  2. SO happy to have you guys home! Cant wait to see you Friday! :)

  3. So fun that you did that! Hope to see you at applebees tomorrow? What fabric store is closing!?! I need to get in on that!!!

  4. YAY! I am so excited to see you!!! =)


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