Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!


It is a little weird spending this holiday in another country.. I believe it is a first for me. But the Bahamas is a good replacement. Later we are going to make some 4th of July treats to celebrate. I am content with that :)

In honor of the 4th, my Music Monday selection is Freedom by Akon. Ha a song from my early days..


Also, Dana's team won their game on Saturday, 4-0!!! YAHOOO!!! And Dana was named captain!! I am so proud of him. They have their second leg of the round this Saturday when Turks & Caicos comes and plays here in the Bahamas. The family and I just picked up our Bahamas gear today to wear to the game :) So exciting!! Click here to see the write-up on the game in the Bahamas Tribune.

Have a happy and wonderful 4th!!!

Breanna Mae

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  1. SO EXCITING!!! We missed you guys... so happy to hear about Dana! :-)


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