Monday, April 18, 2011

Recappppp :)

Guys, I just finished went to my last Accounting class for the semester. Yaaahooooo!! It like I can start to smell summer seeping through the cracks. It is just around the corner!

This weekend we actually got to spend a little time around the pool and it was sooo great! I definitely could get used to having this kind of weather in April. Especially when everyone in Minnesota is getting snow (I really do feel bad for you guys!!!) We also got to go to a fun birthday lunch for a friend from church. It was yummy! We had sugar cookie cake. Ever had that?!! Its a give-you-a-tummy-ache-but-I-cant-stop-eating, kind of good. Would recommend this one only for very special occasions unless you want instant love handles ;)

I am taking a break from Music Monday today but will leave you this fun image I threw together...

What do you think???

Hope you had a great start to your week!
Breanna Mae

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