Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's Your Love

Hey all. I hope everyone had an amazing Easter! I definitely had a great one. The hubs and I both agreed that it was by far the best Easter service we had ever been to. I am just SO darn thankful for our church. It has really given us a home away from home. Speaking of, we officially became members a week ago!!! The hubs and I are very excited about being "official" with the church. I will share with you more about the Easter service in a later post. But I warn you, bring tissues. :) After service we spent time with our pastor's house and had amazing food and got tan by the pool. All in all a good day :)

For now I will give you the belated Music Monday song! I was listening to the Hillsong CD that my Father-in-law gave me a couple Christmases ago on the other day and realized some of the songs were PERFECT for this time of year. they speak about God's love and how he saved us and the freedom he has allowed us to have. Pretty much they are filled with pure AWESOMENESS. Anywho I stumbled across this song "It's Your Love" and it continued on repeat all the way through Easter.. and maybe still today... I dont know :) It is from the Faith+Hope+Love album

Its your love, its your love that has saved me
Its your blood, its your blood that has claimed me

HE IS RISEN AND NOW WE ARE FREE. How amazing is he....

Breanna Mae

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