Thursday, October 28, 2010

Don't Deny Yourself

Let me just say that even though this is my first week in the blogging world but so far I LOVE it!! There are so amazing people out there sharing their hearts. It is not mind boggling how God has created everyone so differently with so many different talents to share?! I love learning about new people and seeing how people tick differently than I do. It is so inspiring to me!

On the inspiring note, I was blog browsing and came across a post that opened my eyes. The blog is called Ordinary Inspirations. Here is a link to the post  Did You Know Your Children Can Change the World? She talks about an organization called The Mercy House. 

Mercy House Statement:  The Mercy House exists to provide alternative options for pregnant girls living in the streets of Kenya. The Mercy House will aid them in nutrition, housing, prenatal care, counseling, Biblical teaching and job skills for sustainable living.

They have not yet created the house but it is their vision. The reason why they chose this mission is because three girls get raped in Africa every 45 minutes. When they get pregnant they are looked down upon by the rest of their society. So many of the pregnant girls participate in illegal, unsafe abortions which causes 26,000 of them to die every year. How terribly heart breaking!!  The Mercy House wants to provide a solution to this circle of events. One of their campaigns is "The Power of Three". All you have to do is give $3 on the third of every month to remember the three girls raped every 45 minutes. 

Only $3!!! What a tiny amount that allows us to make a difference. I have always wanted to support many of the amazing organizations that are out there but being a newlywed college student, my financial situation is not what you would call stable... But I can do without that extra tub of ice cream every month if I can help change a girls life. For real guys.. its only three dollars, it means so little to us but when you add all the people giving, it equals a saved life. My husband and I have decided to give the $3 a month and I am so so so excited that I can FINALLY contribute somewhere. What a great opportunity. So now I ask... 

                         DO YOU WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE?

A totally unrelated side comment... Can I add buttons to my posts? There are ones I wanted to add that would have made this post so much cuter!! :(


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  1. OH WOW! I love that. Kenya, how dear and near to my heart. I will for sure head over and donate to the Mercy House! So cool!

    And... buttons... you just copy & paste the "html" code into your blog post. Hope that helps!


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